Govt. ratifies willingness to dialogue with opposition

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  • Hora actualización: 11/01/2017 | 12:13 pm
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The head of the Venezuelan government commission at the peace talks, Jorge Rodriguez, reaffirmed on Tuesday the government's willingness to continue conversations to settle differences with opposition sectors.

"We are going to remain on the dialogue table, making progress in the thematic tables. We are convinced that political issues are settled through peaceful dialogue and not through violation of the Constitution. The only way out is dialogue," he said at a press conference held in Caracas.
He said that along with Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez, met with Vatican envoy Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, who stressed the Pope Francis will to cooperate with the dialogue process of Venezuela.
"It is good news for Venezuelans, the persistent and friendly stubbornness of Pope Francis to accompany the dialogue," he said.
In this regard, he rejected the statements of the president of Venezuelan Bishops' Conference, who said that the government-opposition dialogue failed "because no commitment was made" and it was just a lot of talk.
In response, Rodriguez said that it is "very curious, counterproductive, that a representative of the church leadership has absurd opinions that contradict what has been the position and the word of Pope Francis ... This reveals the deep conspiracy of the ecclesiastical hierarchy against the peace of Venezuela."
He added that the national government is committed to dialogue to resolve differences and ensure the country's peace, even though, an opposition sector –he said– "is deeply committed to violence."
"It will not be easy (the process of dialogue) because there are deep divisions within the opposition and because they have difficulty keeping their word of dialogue," Rodriguez said.