Border exchange houses: transparent mechanisms against speculation, Economy Minister says

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  • Hora actualización: 11/01/2017 | 4:17 pm
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The exchange houses the Venezuelan Government will set up on the Colombian-Venezuelan border, as part of the implementation of the Border Economic Development Zone, will allow to offer populations of both countries a transparent mechanism that responds to an economic reality and not to a speculative apparatus that aims to destroy the national currency, said the Minister of Economy and Finance, Ramon Lobo.

"The exchange houses on the border will provide Venezuelans and Colombians with an opportunity to convert bolivars to pesos or vice versa, and in this way we (Venezuela) will also enter into the cross-border dynamic to offer a transparent mechanism that responds to an economic reality and not a speculative mechanism, which seeks to destroy the national currency," stressed the vice president for Economic Area in an interview on Tuesday.
President Nicolas Maduro, authorized –through the decree of economic emergency– the creation and operation of border exchange houses in the border towns of Paraguachon (Zulia state) and Ureña (Tachira state).
The purpose of this measure is to counteract the border mafias in Cucuta, Colombia, who extract the paper money from Venezuela, as Maduro explained on Monday during the relaunch of the Council of Productive Economy, at the Miraflores presidential palace in Caracas.
"This year we started with great enthusiasm, with all the capacity and with an action plan to achieve that economic recovery to favor all people, that has been affected by a systematic attack to the economy by the right," said Lobo.