Anti-Coup Command to ensure peace and justice, Maduro says

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  • Hora actualización: 11/01/2017 | 5:40 pm
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Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro delegated on Tuesday to the members of the Special Anti-Coup Command specific tasks to ensure peace and justice and consolidate the country's comprehensive development.

"I will concentrate on the most important work of our country: the deployment of the economic recovery, I am concentrated 24 hours a day defending oil prices, I am activated with the strengthening of the 15 productive engines to boost them. In addition, I am focused on meeting the goal of serving 6 million families through the Local Committees of Supply and Production (or CLAP). I will concentrate on the economic battle for the happiness of the Venezuelan people and on my constitutional duties to defend national sovereignty," he said during the opening ceremony of this command, at the presidential hall of Maiquetia Airport, Vargas state.
This command will focus its action in the fight against the right-wing coup plotters, the conspiracy of the national and international oligarchy and the imperialist attacks, he said.
"It will be the enforcer of preventive policies, because the battle for peace will be won with prevention, in addition to doing justice and punishing all coup attempts to destabilize Venezuela, since what the National Assembly approved yesterday (January 9) is a coup manifesto," President said.
In response to the action of the parliamentary right, he called on the Venezuelan people not to fall into provocations of any kind.
"In Venezuela there are full liberties for expressions, ideas, but not for the promotion of axes of violence that disturb Venezuela's life. We are in the days of Barack Obama's last throes, there are things we can't not see, but they are the most dangerous since they are conspiring against the country. I am obliged to alert at first instance to the work teams and our people," he said.
Faced with every coup attempt, he said, legal action is necessary. No violation of the Constitution can go unpunished.
Maduro stressed that this Anti-Coup Command will be responsible for ensuring the functioning of society, economy, public services in each state of the country.
"The last four years have been marked by battles against destabilizing factors and here we go and we will continue to jump and overcome obstacles. We have to feel proud of the brave and victorious Venezuela," he said.